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Fairy Lights



When I was in high school, I attempted suicide. I didn't like myself, the world around me or anything in it. All I saw was darkness. All I felt was pain. I just wanted it to go away. Someone saved my life with three words. Those three words have become everything to me since then, some days not even realizing the significant role they have always played in where I am today and how I got there. It’s what keeps me going when I feel lost, broken, hopeless or too weak to keep fighting.

Back then, I couldn’t promise I would never want to die, never act on those feelings. I was just in too dark of a place to be able to say “never.” And he knew that. So, he didn’t ask me to promise never. He just asked me to promise to give him “one more day.” And I did. Every time it got that bad, I promised one more day. That was a promise I could keep. It didn’t feel so impossible or overwhelming to promise a day. And when that dark place would return, no matter how soon, he would ask me for the same thing again; one more day. And I am glad to say that I did, every time, or I wouldn't be here today to make this mission possible.

The One More Day Movement will spread necessary awareness in the community and provide schools and youth organizations with free training. Youth K-12 will include age-appropriate educational group discussions on mental health so that they know, no matter what the situation or circumstance is, regardless of how much it hurts today, there is a way through it. It starts by talking...

-Ashley Zeilic

Founder and President

The One More Day Movement, Inc.

In loving memory of the one who gave me the words to name this organization, and so much more...

Charles Ellis McCall

November 24, 1942 - July 19, 2022

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